When we stop competing
We Start Respecting


Melissa’s entrepreneurial spirit and tireless enthusiasm for innovation and solutions are evidenced through her accomplishments and helping create a series of successful companies and commercial ventures. Some still in progress and more often than not, it is easier to ask what she doesn’t do!

After 27 years of working in the construction sector, from steel fixing in the cement industry and project manager to successful mediator and business consultant, always looking for innovative and problem unraveling solutions. Leading her to the world of financial advocacy and giving back voices to those that have been silenced by fear and situations of diversity.

In 2008 she embarked on her own journey with the inception of Classique Solutions! A business that was set up to help business owners and individuals avoid the need to engage administrators and receivers. Having a ‘been there done that’ qualification allowed her to empathize with her clients and many individuals she has assisted. Melissa offers an inherent ability to quickly understand and ascertain the best possible outcome and future blueprint to avoid habitual practices.  Teaching as she goes and quickly finding herself to become a warrior against unjust actions of others! Having worked with and against large blue chip organizations to individuals in need of support.
Melissa has a immense knowledge and extensive experience with implementation and analytical resolution of S.O.P (Securities of Payment Legislation) having worked with many Law firms during dispute resolution. Her aim is to educate to prevent such situations! Her network is immeasurable which has ultimately steered her to establishing DIVA Enterprises along side a newly founded Trade Vehicle dedicated to the Construction Industry…soon to launch.

“Construction has been her Life and having transitioned from tools to problem solving and preventing, has built a strength and determination whilst remaining compassionate and fair in her advocacy.”

Apart from her fascination with of waste (Flyash) and implementation of infrastructure in regional NSW, she has developed and tested a range of cementitious products that are produced with the byproduct of coal, the one everyone rejects!! Participating at The World of Coal Ash Conference 2015 gave her more determination for not only change within the construction industry but also “Equality”

“It’s Bloody hard to make people listen to you if you don’t belong!”
Diva – Not a Pre-Madonna but a talented woman that commands respect for a talent that she has worked hard to perfect and continues to do so!

As compassionate as she is tenacious, Mel supports a number of local and international charities and performs aid work in remote villages in Vietnam in 2010 and continues to do so. Her dream is to leave a Legacy and build a sustainable social enterprise. Eradicating Abuse of any kind and educating the future generation to embrace life and respect each other. BIG! Right? But possible!

Her eyes and persona conceal chapter upon chapter of stories untold and experiences beyond comprehension. Each teaching her survival and skills that cannot be taught in schools and ultimately freedom.

Melissa is the author of ‘The Heart of Hope’ and ‘If I can anyone could!’

A speaker (she can talk under water, so she is in her element!) about protecting your most important asset- you! LIFE! And
The F’words that leave us going nowhere!

Creating a For Profit – Profit for Purpose Enterprise by uniting Divas to create the first ever, holistic estate to provide solutions to a growing epidemic

“Sydney is the most iconic city in the world in my eyes and it is devastating that we have such a growing population of homeless women and children, escaping abuse, and so many that remain captive due to financial abuse. It needs to stop!”


MelissaCuturichbook 300x400
  • The Importance Of U – Who Are You In The World? Who Are U To Yourself

  • I’m Not Abused – He Doesn’t Hit Me!

  • WTF

  • My Story Where I Came From And It’s Not Where You Think!

  • The F’words That Screw Us And Understanding How To Overcome The Swear Words

  • How I Learnt That What I Know I didn’t Know About L.I.F.E Especially Finance And Business

  • Fighting The Invisible Demons Including The Banks – Making The Tax Man Your Bestfriend

  • Creating Freedom So You Can Finally Dance





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