Melissa Cuturich is a committed and fierce activist for women who have suffered domestic and financial abuse.

Driven by her own personal experience as a survivor of domestic abuse, Melissa has forged a career spanning over 25 years of advocacy for women just like her.

Melissa Cuturich is a Sydney-based professional disputes manager, management consultant, business owner, educator, author and speaker.

A career built to advocate for people to achieve financial independence

Melissa’s career started in the construction sector with steel fixing and concrete manufacturing companies. Melissa learnt her trade as project manager and mediator, helping business owners with innovative solutions that avoid the need to engage administrators and receivers.

In 2006, Melissa launched a business consultancy firm which evolved into DIVA Financial, a Sydney financial services, financial education and advocacy firm supporting people in their fight for financial and emotional independence.

Author, educator and speaker

Driven to empower women to create a self-reliant life, Melissa has written books and developed financial education workshops which she delivers to her DIVA Financial clients and on behalf of other organisations who help women and young people.

A dedicated supporter of various charities, Melissa has travelled to Vietnam and Europe providing humanitarian and educational talks.

Melissa combines her extensive experience with a profound passion to advocate for women to deliver uplifting and engaging lectures and workshops which leave participants with solutions to overcome their unique challenges.



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The Heart Of Hope

A true story of surviving domestic abuse and finding a reason to live again.

The Heart of Hope is Melissa’s candid first-person account of her experience with domestic abuse. Melissa opens up about her formative years as an immigrant to Australia and the situations which led her to motherhood as a teenager. Melissa shares her suffering of psychological, financial and physical abuse at the hands of her partner.

As a potent antidote for the sense of powerlessness felt by victims of partner abuse, this empowering memoir reveals a passage of self-discovery and finding meaning in the face of doubt, and raising three children alone in the shadow of her ex.

Solutions that help build a stronger financial future

More than a personal account of achieving her freedom though, The Heart of Hope bears on Melissa’s professional experience, which she forged through founding DIVA Financial, a financial service, education and advocacy firm supporting women to regain control over their lives.

The Heart of Hope shares advice on negotiating the financial, insurance and legal battle grounds within which ex-partners fight for control and independence.

Melissa then offers her personal doctrine for setting priorities that have helped her and others reclaim hope and forge happiness.

The Heart of Hope coins the acronym L.I.F.E, which stands for Love, Identity, Finance, and Emotion. Through this, Melissa reminds women they can rediscover self-respect and move beyond the hurt to follow their dreams and provide for their children.



Financial abuse and why it is a serious issue

Financial abuse happens when an abuser takes away their partner’s access to their money, uses money without consent and manipulates their partner’s financial decisions to gain power and control over their partner. Or worse, to cover up their own mismanagement.

Financial abuse victims also commonly suffer other types of physical or emotional abuse, often leaving victims feeling vulnerable, isolated and powerless.

Financial abuse can be perpetrated by many and you may not be in a volatile relationship. This is why financial knowledge is crucial.



Getting help and support for financial abuse

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial abuse, free and confidential advice is available as part of Melissa’s social enterprise service with DIVA Financial.

If you’re in a crisis or struggling to make ends meet, find out how to get urgent help with money.

Your safety is our priority

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) or visit